Dog Houses - Cheap Insulated Luxury Houses

There are many different types of dog houses in the market. A new buyer is not sure what to look out for. Choosing the best house for your dog is not something that should be too hard to do. There are a number of factors that you need to consider before you buy one. The material used to build the dog house is the biggest factor you need to consider when buying a dog kennel. Materials determine many things including, temperature regulation, price of the kennel etc. Here are some of those factors in detail.

To understand kennels, we need to look at them based on the materials that are used to build them. The most common material that is used to build a kennel is wood. Wood has many advantages. Wood helps to keep the inside of the kennel warm because it does not easily allow heat loss. During the hotter season the inside of the kennel remains relatively cool because it does not allow heat into the kennel.


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Wood is favored for its aesthetic quality. A wooden kennel generally looks better than a metal or plastic one. For people who want to make a custom made kennel, wood is the best choice. Wood is easy to use, cut and modify than plastic and metal. The entire kennel can be made of wood, from the roofing to the floor, eliminating the need for extra materials to build it. A wooden kennel can also be easily modified to fit in with new needs and ideas.

Wood can rot if poor quality wood is used to build the dog house. The wood must be properly painted or laminated to avoid rotting and warping. A kennel may need to be painted to avoid these problems.

Plastic is another material used to make kennels. It has several advantages over wood. Plastic is made of strong PVC materials and can last for a long time without the need of regular maintenance like wood. It is better than metal in that it can keep the inside of the kennel fairly warm insulating it from extreme temperatures. It is however, not as warm as wood when it comes to keeping your dog warm. Plastic is cheap and easily available.




Metal is another material that is commonly used to make doggie houses. Metal can be adjustable so that the kennel is collapsible. It allows you to move the kennel from one point to the other easily despite its size. Re-adjustable kennels can be conveniently set up on different parts of your compounds or house.

Finding cheap dog houses for sale or at a discount doesn't equal poor quality.  Some of the most popular brands and models include insulated dog houses, luxury dog houses, extra large dog houses for large dogs, igloo models, heated models, indoor and outdoor models, cool styles, small dog houses, wooden, fancy and unique designer models, plastic houses, air conditioned houses, cedar, extreme and more.  Some of the best models even have heaters inside the doggy houses themselves!

Metal is not very good when it comes to controlling extreme temperatures. In extreme weather, it does not insulate the inside of the kennel from extreme heat or cold. Metal can be durable depending on how it has been designed. If it has been galvanized, it will not rot easily and the kennel may last for a long time. These are only some of the materials used to build a dog house. There are many types of kennels, that come in many different sizes colors and shapes.