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There are many different types of Kennels that cater for the varying needs of different pet owners. Many new pet owners are not aware of the many considerations experienced dog owners make, before they purchase a new kennel. As a new dog owner you are advised to do your homework first, before purchasing a Kennel. The following are a number of things you should consider when buying a new dog kennel.

Materials: The materials used to build the kennel are very important. The most common materials include wood, metal and plastic. Wood is favored by many people because it is a good insulator, and it keeps the inside of the kennel warm even when it is cold outside. Because it acts like an insulator, it makes heating of the kennel very economical as heat is not lost unnecessarily. Wood kennels come in many different designs and are preferred for their aesthetic quality. The disadvantage of wood is that it can rot easily if not properly treated or laminated.


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Metal is another material used to make kennels. Metal is durable and can last for long if it is painted or galvanized to prevent it from rusting. Some metal kennels are cheaper than wood and are easier to move from one place to another. Unlike wood, metal is a good conductor of heat. This means that it is hard to keep the inside of the kennel warm, heat dissipates easily when you try to warm the inside of this kennel. Some kennels need to be covered in canvas to keep them warm.

Plastic kennels are quite cheap. Plastic is weather proof and if maintained well can last for a long time. This material can keep the kennel warm and it is better than Metal as far as heating is concerned. Most people do not like the designs of plastic kennels which are at times very limited.

The design of the kennel is very important. First, the roofing should not be too peaked. If it is, then wasps and spiders will find it easy to build their nests and cobwebs. The roof should also not be too flat; the water needs to drain fast. When the water accumulates on top of the roof, it may absorb heat from the kennel and make it less warm. The water will pose a problem if the kennel is made of wood, since water makes wood rot easily.




A good kennel should be well ventilated. A very airy kennel is good for the dog. However, there are other considerations to be made before choosing a meshed kennel. The climate of the place you live in is a factor you need to consider. A dog would be more comfortable in a kennel that protects it from the harsh climate. Additionally, an airy kennel is not very warm during the cold season.

Finding cheap dog kennels for sale is usually pretty easy online, where retailers discount the products tremendously.  There many different types and brands of kennels including outdoor dog kennels, portable dog kennels, outside, indoor, large dog, chain link, heavy duty, Lucky, wooden, Priefert, big dogs, small dog, wire, plastic, metal, hog, extra large (also known as a magnum kennel), Petmate, modular, airline approved, luxury, travel models, soft sided models, steel, welded, gun and hunting dog kennels.  Really, the variety is pretty staggering!

Every pet owner has special needs that set them apart. You may want a kennel for a dog that is about to whelp or have puppies. There are special kennels designed for that. Online stores can give you a wide range of possibilities that will allow you to make an informed decision.